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"Beauty is not something imposed but something immanent." — Anthony Burgess

My art making is concerned with coming back to the thing itself living in the present tense, an interactive experience in which action, feeling, and meaning are one. A direct experience that is constantly transforming. Prompted by an idea, a feeling, my body begins to move. The paint records my movements making lines, which divide fields, repeat patterns, form clusters of shapes, textures, colors. My body delights in the going. "Ah, now that was a moment!" My process is the art. It’s a process of evolving liberation -- no rules, no obligations. The mystery of being with what's next. Not in control. Not out of control. Not fixed or defined, but changing the way clouds change, the way water swirls, rivers flow, never the same twice, always something else, but always water, always wet. True to itself.


About Dan Landrum

Dan Landrum

I have to agree with the artist Jason Middlebrook when he says, "Having a singular body of work is passé, it's more important to be an interesting artist."

In the '70s I was a wandering hippie with pens, pencils and large drawing notebooks in my rucksack. Traveling mostly in North America, but also a year in Europe and a year in Asia, I was drawn to art galleries, museums and libraries. I didn't need to memorize the names and works of famous artists by the time I took Art History classes in the late '80's for my degree in Fine Art painting, printmaking and photography….they were already old familiar friends.

In the '90s I was active in International MailArt, publishing zines and chapbooks while working as a silversmith. I continued to paint and show my art locally in San Diego. In the summer of 2000 I had a one man show, "Double Joy," in a prestigious downtown gallery that featured a collection of my large abstract acrylic paintings on canvas. It received great reviews, including from the leading art critic in the San Diego Tribune.

The heart and soul of my emerging body of work is "Urban Mining." The emphasis here is on adding value and finding purpose, both aesthetic and practical, for the many resources around us, such as cardboard, glass, and aluminum. I’m starting by harvesting kraft paper from repurposed corrugated cardboard, utilizing this valuable material to create mixed media abstract fields with an edge towards decor design.

I'm using Facebook as a venue to invite dialog throughout the development of this body of work. Feel free to follow me and join the conversation:


Modern Urban Abstracts 2015

The paintings in this series are visual poetry. The words add a relational story that invites the viewer to look again in a new way at these purely abstract compositions. To look deeper, dig deeper, make your own connections, see what you see and feel what you feel.


Acrylic and Oil Aerosol on Kraft Paper (mounted on wood)

Playful Means

A playfulness of means – asemic calligraphy dancing across an architectural field of industrial grids and dots. Here's an indeterminate space where the glow of the implied street writers' markings meets modern, contemporary living. Walking past, metallic light reflects the movement of such a life.

Density Intensity

Is it a parade of silver gossamer waves, or a loose-knit weave floating above a dense downtown grid? Either way, graceful movement haunts the fixed pervasive law. Shiny gold and blood red define distinct neighborhoods. Where do you fit in?


The all jumbled up in one corner endless knot that pulls you in and holds you in place. What to do with all that pent up spewing into open space, that lighter than air sensation? Once you’ve reached your goal, accomplished that “thing” that once seemed insurmountable, you burst with pride.

Intimate Frolic

Spring in an open field. An intimate frolic. The lightest of suggestions of all the goodness ahead. Unbridled optimism. Wild, free and untidy. This moment alone, yet together.

Hope for Growth

Bold industry. Block by block, the wheels turning. At the crossroads a point of interest, on the path, pedestrian traffic. At the end of the line there's hope for growth. Are we describing a thought process or early risers on their way to work? It's the kind of organic field only humans would design.

Park Yourself

Feeling machine, city block traffic. Chaotic-crowded here, open sky there. Park yourself wherever you want. You are in control of where you put your attention. It's that kind of place, that kind of freedom.

What's Next?

All this pent up ferocity spitting out an unassembled line of party. Structure more than decorum. It's not simply good manners or a good time we're after, it's a celebration of the mystery that asks, what's next?

The Rave Within

Disco DJs spinning electronic tunes on the open stage. Ecstasy in the moves confined to your little square on the dance floor. The rave has simultaneously moved within you and outdoors, becoming a festival of escape from the hard life left back home.

Muse Methodically

Muse methodically on the nature of structure – musical, literary, the building you’re standing in. Feel how it was planned, engineered, put together. How it keeps you safe. Now explode those thoughts, that information. Move with the cadence of a new forming, simultaneously solid and spacious.

Hubbub Hurry-up

When the city is finally finished X will mark the spot. Until then, it's all hubbub, hurry-up and do me a solid. Like our inner life, the edge is moving the congestion into the clear.

Acrylic and Oil Aerosol on Canvas (mounted on wood)

Pep Talk

Reach in and take my hand. We're going for a spin punctuated by conjunctions and interjections. Another pep talk at the break of dawn.

This Spot

It goes both ways, where you've been and where you're going. And then there's this spot, right here at the red dot, where you can rest amidst all the shuffle. The balance of stillness in a world of commotion.

Grand Reverberations

Graceful dance moves on waves of a musical tide. Grand reverberations, and the gumption to get things done.

Mature Calm

Once broken, the whole is never the same. Hard edged positions shift towards, drift away or float above. Interpersonal relationships set the tone in multiple dimensions. The illusion of water drops hold the field together. If read like an oracle, reflective gold suggests a mature calm in difficult times.

Hashtag of Emphatic Relevance

Fractured structure suspended in place by aspiration, each edge teetering between inner and outer. A wide open eye holds sway in a hashtag of emphatic relevance. See? The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


Vitality and glamour play with light in surprising animation. Pizzazz! An aerial view, a map of traffic flows in the city, inner workings of this body wonderful, pulsing corpuscles through an invigorated heartbeat. Like you, it won’t stay fixed.

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