"Designing to be understood. Listening to understand."

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Design is a process of discovery. The aim is to uncover and clarify. In the effort to be understood, the 'Cathedral' approach restricts development to a small exclusive group, while the 'Bazaar' opens itself to the fresh air chaos of collaboration.* Each has its benefits and drawbacks. Tradeoffs and value choices must be made. Pieces of the marble block that are not my 'David', not my audience, must be chipped away to find his form. Listening is my chisel.
{*SEE: Eric S. Raymond's (1999): The Cathedral & the Bazaar}

Designing for the Web: The Art of Listening

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What defines me?

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My Story

A lifelong artist from early days with pebbles, twigs and mud. Curious. A native maker. Art is a cultural conversation. I study the language. Composed, I apply design.

Silenced when young, I went underground, doodled in the margins, dropped out, became a wandering hippie. Sometimes in the country, sometimes in the town. Mostly North America, but a year in Europe and a year in Asia making my home in the forest, the desert, the wilderness, in the streets, galleries, museums and in libraries, in books: drawing and reading. When it was time to get off the road a decade and a half later and finish my BA in Fine Arts painting, photography and printmaking, I found my art history classes were littered with old voices and familiar faces who compelled me to talk back.

Fast forward: this is me talking back in cyberspace.

My wife asks, "Are you the apple of my eye?"   I reply, " design!"


Written or spoken, whether it's reading or interacting with others, I am constantly looking into what's new and innovative. When I need to know more, I search online for sources and facts. Learning from past experiences, whether they are successes or not, my eye is on the prize while I enjoy the process. Particularly with new experiences, I have a soft-touch, telling myself, "I can only get better." And with practice I do. Which reassures me that what I don't know I can learn.


Georgia O'Keeffe said, "to see  takes time, like to have a friend takes time." Meaning derives from context. Graphic or expressive, figurative or abstract, beauty is more than symmetry and proportion. Seeing, beauty and meaning live in story, belong to the narrative. Eye to eye, heart to heart, a well told story connects you with the other. It digs deep, penetrates and in a flash is simpatico. When the picture is right, you connect – what you were looking at is one with you.


Do I eat/work to live, or do I live to eat/work? Societies are inherently contradictory. Strike just the right balance between competing and cooperating. To create the best version of myself I must continually up my story. Whether I work with you or for you, the responsibility to communicate effectively is mine. On purpose, my effort is to add more value than I consume. Transcending the paradoxical dilemmas of duality, I sink into doing what I love, and loving what I do.

The Opportunity

Open to all of those who understand the importance of bringing all of yourself to work.

We are firmly in the throes of birthing the Information Age. Going, going gone is the drudgery of the assembly line mentality. The preceding Industrial Revolution brought us vicious boom and bust cycles of mass production and mass destruction. The Information Age is exponentially more powerful. With the lightening results of cyberspace we are free to respond uber-informed to the moment. Create and adjust. We no longer fear not having enough. We now can claim the autonomy to define our own meaningful work. We can be driven solely by our passion to create beauty and make goodness. The endeavors that nurture the potentials inherent in the whole person will thrive. Together, collectively, we each individually can do what we love to do and curate the ever more loving world we want to live in.

Skill Sets

Applied Graphic & Web Design

years experience

  • There's really too many positive things to say about Dan in a short recommendation. To put it simply, Dan is the best graphic designer with whom I've worked. Besides being very artistic, he works extremely well with marketing folks. He's awesome at graphically communicating a product or company message to the customer (B2C and B2B).

    — Eric Itzkowitz, Marketing Manager, SpeedyPin —
  • Dan, you are dependable and you always deliver what is asked of you on time if not early. And, you have remarkable follow-up skills, which is so necessary when you deal with a variety of people with many competing demands. You take initiative and find creative ways to solve problems as you did with the transfer Email invitation. The good thing about you: you ask questions!

    — Anne Porter, Dean of Academic Advising, TMC, UC San Diego —
  • I can't tell you how much positive feedback we received from the teachers on all the products and how professional everything looked. They were truly wowed. Your involvement was such a key piece and we were so proud to show off all the hard work.

    — Michelle Lazar, Director & Founder: Coast Music Therapy & Tuned in to Learning —
  • Dan, the slideshow you created for our website is not only entertaining, but a great marketing tool for our organization.

    — Debby Adams, President Yoga Education Society —
  • Dan produced new designs, copy, and collateral materials for many of Speedypin's websites, as well as printed materials. His design work has been excellent and he has been valued highly by me and our marketing department. He has worked creatively and well as part of a team.

    — Larry Salzman, CEO, Speedypin —
  • Dan is a multi-talented designer and media specialist whose work has been paramount to the progress and success of our agency. We rely on Dan for all of our design and technology needs ranging from web design and search engine optimization to book & CD production, CD-ROM , and advertising materials. Not only is Dan extremely versatile, but is a professional that you can count on to follow through with your project, meeting your deadline every time, and remaining highly accessible throughout the entire process. We highly recommend Dan's work to anyone seeking to take their company's image to the next level!

    — Michelle Lazar, Director & Founder: Coast Music Therapy & Tuned in to Learning —
  • I get compliments constantly on Dan's innovative yet clear and user friendly web design.

    — Anne Cleveland, Wish Upon a Star Productions —
  • Dan, you have shown a leadership role in acquiring new technology and you have taken initiative to get things done and to target future issues. You let us know in advance when an issue is coming up that we need to be aware of. You are consistently prepared with information before needed. You accurately zero in on essential information and determine the relative importance of the information. You have produced well without slowing anyone down, and effectively find ways to deal with obstacles.

    — Anne Porter, Dean of Academic Advising, TMC, UC San Diego —
  • Dan's skill at leading me in the development and design of my website continues to be outstanding. His leadership and knowledge of each step creates a positive working relationship. Dan allows me to be the final decision maker. This adds to the feeling that it is my web site!

    — JoAnn Marini, More than Amour —
  • Mr. Landrum offered three excellent designs and it was difficult to choose just one. Our organization is very grateful for Mr. Landrum's extremely prompt and skillful manner in which he served our needs. We would recommend his services to any organization requiring graphics work and/or advice.

    — Lisa Hellman, Sierra Club's Orange County Inner City Outings —
  • I have seen Dan handle with confidence countless assignments and computer challenges. He works quite well with our entire staff on projects and on problem solving. Dan adds creative flair and finesse to the many tasks on his desk. He has studied the web migration issue with full contemplation and nuance.

    — Alan Havis, Provost, TMC, UC San Diego —
  • I cannot say enough positive remarks regarding my relationship with Dan Landrum and Apple Eye Design for creating my website. From our initial conversation, Dan's responsiveness was like no other company or individual I have ever worked with. He was creative and sparked inventive and highly knowledgeable ideas for my website that I had not found with any other potential contractor. Overall, I would highly recommend Dan to any individual or business seeking professional, reliable, and high quality design services!

    — Katie Shaffer, Director OT Connection —
  • I wanted to first thank you for the AMAZING work you've done. We absolutely could not have done this project without your expertise, creativity, timeliness, and availability. Your multitude of talents and diversity in being able to work with so many different mediums was something that is very unique.

    — Michelle Lazar, Director & Founder: Coast Music Therapy & Tuned in to Learning —
  • Dan has excellent initiative and follow-through, and has a vast knowledge of all things Internet.

    — Jonathan Whitman, Provost IT Services, UC San Diego —
  • My programming staff related to me the fact that the HTML and other code that he provided in support of his design work was the cleanest and most easy to implement that they've received from designers in the past. I would recommend him without qualification.

    — Larry Salzman, CEO, Speedypin —
  • In this CMS migration project you have demonstrated you understand the nuances of project planning and coordinating the resources needed to complete the project. You have interacted effectively with the stakeholders in the project. You are proactive in finding information and in being up-to-date in the industry.

    — Anne Porter, Dean of Academic Advising, TMC, UC San Diego —