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Welcome to Apple Eye Design. Hi, I'm Dan Landrum, an artist and maker with a lifelong passion in creating beauty through design and visual art. You can find some of my original art in a variety of mediums in my AEDdanlandrum Etsy shop, including abstract paintings, cardboard lamps and sculpture, laser engraved wall art and giclée prints.

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Artist's Statement

My art making is an interactive experience in which action, feeling, and meaning are one. A direct experience that is constantly transforming. Prompted by an idea, a feeling, my body begins to move. The paint records my movements making lines, which divide fields, repeat patterns, form clusters of shapes, textures, colors. My body delights in the going. "Ah, now that was a moment!" My process is the art. It’s a process of evolving liberation -- no rules, no obligations. The mystery of being with what's next. Not in control. Not out of control. Not fixed or defined, but changing the way clouds change, the way water swirls, rivers flow, never the same twice, always something else, but always water, always wet. True to itself.


Dan Landrum

I have to agree with the artist Jason Middlebrook when he says, "Having a singular body of work is passé, it's more important to be an interesting artist."

In the '70s I was a wandering hippie with pens, pencils and large drawing notebooks in my rucksack. Traveling mostly in North America, but also a year in Europe and a year in Asia, I was drawn to art galleries, museums and libraries. I didn't need to memorize the names and works of famous artists by the time I took Art History classes in the late '80's for my degree in Fine Art painting, printmaking and photography….they were already old familiar friends.

In the '90s I was active in International MailArt, publishing zines and chapbooks while working as a silversmith. I continued to paint and show my art locally in San Diego. In the summer of 2000 I had a one man show, "Double Joy," in a prestigious downtown gallery that featured a collection of my large abstract acrylic paintings on canvas. It received a great reviews, including from the leading art critic in the San Diego Tribune.

From 2002-2007 I provided 5 fun and spirited art sessions a week for the Alzheimers Association's Memories in the Making program. In my Etsy shop you'll find giclée prints of some of the original paintings I created in those sessions.

Then, intrigued by the possibilities of the smart tools emerging in the Maker Movement, from 2012 to 2014 I designed and made laser-cut corrugated cardboard lamps, decor containers and sculptures, receiving wonderful responses from individuals, interior designers and retail venues. The Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland MOCA bought 16 decor containers. You'll find the remaining pieces from the Rounded Flute Collection in the "Laser Cut Cardboard" section. Also, the "Laser Engravings" section has the laser engraved signs and wall art I made that incorporate innovative techniques and materials, such as Panolam. 

In the "Modern Abstract Painting" section you’ll find the heart and soul of my emerging body of work, "Urban Mining." The emphasis here is on adding value and finding purpose, both aesthetic and practical, for the many resources around us, such as cardboard, glass, and aluminum. I’m starting by harvesting kraft paper from repurposed corrugated cardboard, utilizing this valuable material to create mixed media abstract fields with an edge towards decor design.

I'm using Facebook as a venue to invite dialog throughout the development of this body of work. Feel free to follow me and join the conversation: or contact me: dan [!at]


For the ideas behind my art work, see:
ARCHIVES: Conversations on non-objective art | October, 2000

More ground:
The Death of the Artist—and the Birth of the Creative Entrepreneur (pdf) by William Deresiewicz | January 2015


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